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Garam Masala is rich in many healthy spices. It is an ALL PURPOSE spice which makes it suitable for use in all your dishes


Obètódùn Ewa goyin sauce is a 100% natural dry blend of herbs, spices and pepper. it is so easy to use, All you need to add is onion, water, seasoning and palm oil to make this sought after delicacy.


This is a blend of spices suitable for preparing tender, delicious and healthy meat/chicken/fish recipes.

My blog showcases how simple and easy cooking can actual be, not so complicated as people sometimes think. I share simple but very delicious recipes with easy to follow instructions. The goal of my blog is to encourage everyone to be able to prepare simple delicious homemade foods by themselves in their homes. Welcome to Obetodun Website, I hope you enjoy your visit and satisfy your expectations.

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