About the CEO

For someone who didn't grow up gardening or farming My love for gardening came by choice. A choice that moved me to start a garden behind my house while at Landmark University. " I would return from work tired, and still go to the garden to tend it before relaxing.

Then, one year, I planted turmeric and had a bountiful harvest in December and didn't know what to do with it.

So I googled how to process turmeric, watched it on YouTube and did it.

I told people around me, then orders and request for other spices and foods started coming in."

Our Products

We grow and produce 100% natural dry herbs, spices, sauces, soups and food
Ginger powder
Turmeric powder
Black pepper
Garlic powder
Pepper soup spice
Ewa agoyin sauce
Cameroon pepper
Ogbono mix
Cinnamon powder
Dried Basil
Meat/Chicken/Fish spice
Garam Masala

We also produce seasonings which are blends of our natural spices and some vegetable based seasonings and or processed food.

Jollof rice spice
Fried rice spice

We deliver worldwide 🗺